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Vacuum cleaner for Plaster Dust / Gib dust HEPA

Plaster dust is superfine, hard to manage and holds static charges. An Industrial Vacuum cleaner for plaster dust requires strong suction power, engineered filtration system, long hose and the easy mean of disposing of the dust. Something like Dirt Eater. It has a strong motor that provides constant strong suction power. Twin filtration provides non-clogging and super performance even after hours of use. Uses a plastic bag to collect the dust.

whether you are working on new or old home renovation, fitout or extension involves plastering process. Plastering activities can create respiratory hazards by exposing the airborne plaster dust when mixing the material from a dry state to wet in preparation for use, and during sanding down of dried materials. These dust cause slippery surface and being static it’s hard to clean it using a broom and dustpan.
Breathing the dust can cause coughing, phlegm production, and breathing difficulties similar to asthma. Smokers or workers with sinus or respiratory conditions may risk even worse health problems.

Solution. Dirt Eater Cyclonic Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Plaster dust.

An Industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA is required to effectively manage the plaster dust. Dirt Eater is designed to handle such fine and hard to manage dust. Dirt Eater has a dual filtration system. It uses 9 multi sock pre-filter and an oversized H14 HEPA filter for fail-proof filtration.
The motor is secured with IP65 rated enclosure making sure longer life of vacuum even long hours use over a period of time. Dirt Eater uses a plastic bag to collect the waste making collecting and disposing of the dust super easy.

Dirt Eater has –

  • Strong three stage American Motor
  • Strong 38Kpa suction
  • 10 Meter hose
  • Uses Plastic bag to collect the dust
  • IP65 rated motor enclosure
  • 5 Years machine build guarantee
  • 2 Years motor warranty
  • Complies with ASNZS and IEC Standards.

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