Industrial Vacuum Cleaner HEPA for Concrete Dust


Handling concrete dust is always hard and if not used proper Industrial Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters the concrete dust can cause health issues among the workforce. Dirt Eater is the outcome of constant learning about the requirement of concrete grinders, cutters and updating design as per the requirements. Dirt Eater is heavy duty cyclonic wet and dry Industrial vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters for concrete grinders. Dirt Eater also can handle the concrete slurry. Having strong suction power and facility to collect and dispose of the concrete slurry makes Dirt Eater the perfect vacuum cleaner for Concrete Slurry.

Why a good vacuum is required ?

Dry Concrete.

Concrete is made of three basic components. Water, rock or sand and Portland cement. When processes like sawing, grinding, cutting, scabbling, crushing or drilling, it products airborne dust particles including respirable crystalline silica(RCS). RSC can also be generated by sweeping, air compressed or blowers on silica-containing dust.RCS is a hazardous chemical. Inhaling RCS can lead to silicosis, an incurable lung disease that can lead to disability and death.

Cross-contamination from the concrete dust can cause quality issues in workmanship. Creating a cloud of airborne dust containing RCS near public place can cause penalties under some councils. Handling concrete dust is hard and disposes of the dust is even harder.


Wet Concrete – Concrete Slurry

When cutting concrete or drilling, it produces a slurry containing RCS. These slurry can cause a second and third-degree burn if comes in contact with skin constantly. The concrete slurry is heavy, thick and hard to manage.

To overcome these issues, provide a safe and secure working environment and improve waste management process, a strong build industrial vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filters is required. A vacuum with constant strong suction power, a long hose, with less maintenance and ZERO downtime.

Dirt Eater is perfect strong heavy duty cyclonic wet and dry industrial vacuum cleaner for concrete grinding and concrete cutting.
Dirt Eater has

  • strong suction power
  • has washable prefilters those last years,
  • the oversized H14 HEPA filter
  • 10 Meter hose can be extended to 25 Meter
  • Strong build machine on truck trolley
  • Waste Bin, 45Liter, 60 Liter, 210 Liter, 1000 IBC

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Wet Vacuum Cleaner for Concrete Slurry