Fiberglass / Composites

Vacuum for Composite / Fiberglass

To handle fibreglass and other composite dust, you need a vacuum with strong suction power, filters that don’t clog and easy way of disposing of the collected dust. Dirt Eater is heavy duty cyclonic industrial vacuums for fibreglass and other composite dust. Dirt Eater has strong suction power, a not clogging multi sock prefilters and uses a plastic bag to collect the dust. Dirt Eater is the perfect answer for fibreglass waste management.

Manufacturing and repairing components using fibreglass or other similar composites require sanding / grinding the component for better finishing. This process generates fibreglass dust that is lightweight airborne particles of fibreglass and resins. This dust is also sticky and makes the surface slippery.

Wind can make this dust airborne, and that could damage other articles in the same place. Due to light in weight, this dust can accumulate on hight and hard to reach areas. Best way to handle the dust is when its generated.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fibreglass dust

Dirt Eater is heavy duty cyclonic vacuum with strong suction. Dirt Eater uses cyclonic action that prevents dust from clogging the prefilters and provides constant suction even after hours of continuous use. Also for easy waste management and dispose of dust, Dirt Eater uses Plastic bag to collect the dust.

Dirt Eater has –

  • Strong Suction, 3 stage American motor
  • Non-clogging bag filters for continuous vacuuming
  • 45Liter and 60 Liter waste bin
  • Uses a plastic bag to collect the dust
  • 10Meter long hose
  • H14 HEPA filter for better filtration
  • IP65 rated motor enclosure protects the motor from dust

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