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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners For Hire Or Buy

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing industrial vacuum cleaners for liquids, solid, radioactive and hazardous waste management, as well as waste management remodeling. We can construct Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for a range of industry sectors such as Asbestos Removal, Concrete Grinding, Construction, Surface Preparation, Food and Beverages, Paints and inks, Strip outs and Demolition.

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Industrial Vacuums & Engineering Specialise In


Compact but POWERFUL Type H Industrial Vacuums with 45L Waste Bin & 7M Hose


Type H Cyclonic Industrial Vacuums with 3 Stage Motor &
DUAL Filtration


Type H Industrial Vacuums for Heavy Usage. Strong Build, H14 HEPA Filteration


Legendary Cyclonic Industrial Vacuums with best in class performance

Dirt Eater Big Boss (Twin Motor)

Slurry & Insulation removal Vacuum, Twin Motor (1400w -3 Stage American Motor) With Uses Continuous Bag

Dirt Eater Bag Dumper

Commercial Vacuum Cleaner, Twin Motor(1400w -3 Stage American Motor) with Uses Continuous Bag

Dirt Eater Beast

Commercial Wet And Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner With 1400w -3 Stage American Motor With 65 L Waste Bin.

Hire Custom Vacuum

Legendary Cyclonic Industrial Vacuums with best in class performance

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: What Do You Need To Vacuum?

Industrial Vacuums & Engineering’s wide range authorizes you to solve any issue related to extraction in manufacturing industries.
Find the right vacuum solution for your manufacturer by selecting the type of Wet & Dry dust you need to remove. Heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners and more.

Which Vacuum Should I Rent?

Find the right vacuum system for your factory or workshop. Customers typically realise immediate productivity, waste management and health & safety benefits.

Service & Maintenance

Require maintenance or repair on your vacuum Cleaner?

Why Choose Us for Your Next Vacuum?

  • Vacuum Cleaners with long hose capability
  • All units can be supplied to ATEX specification and HEPA filtration for use with hazardous dust
  • Fine dust vacuuming with continuous suction
  • Customized vacuum models & specialty applications
  • Wet and dry vacuuming
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Many useful vacuum waste handling options

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